Old 502 Winery Event

Old 502 Winery Event

On 12/7/19 we partnered with Old 502 Winery for a wine and cheese event. Like 502FIT, Old 502 Winery is made right here in Louisville. They craft some of the most eclectic — dare we say funky — wines you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting.
We enjoyed being at their event for everyone was so friendly. Many people browsed our table and website on their phones as they tasted wine and sampled cheese. This crowd absolutely ate up our hoodies and they couldn't say enough about the brand, the feel, and the quality of our products. 

If you want to bring excitement, publicity and new people to your facility contact us to attend an event. We make sure to promote your event during, before and after on all platforms of social media. 

Please contact us at brianriggs@502fit.com. 

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