Family. Friends. Faith. Focused. Fearless.

The 5 Fs that make us who we are. 5F. 502FIT.

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We love a good matching pair!

Our Mommy & Me Collection includes:

  • Mama | OG Crop Top
  • Mama | Muscle T-Shirt
  • Boy Mom | OG Crop Top
  • Boy Mom | Muscle T-Shirt
  • Mini | Onesie & Kid's T-Shirt
  • Mama's Boy | Onesie & Kid's T-Shirt

Our Daddy & Me Collection includes:

  • Dad | T-Shirt
  • Girl Dad | T-Shirt
  • Dad's Best Buddy | Onesie & Kid's T-Shirt
  • Daddy's Girl | Onesie & Kid's T-Shirt
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502FIT began in 2019 with the basis of Family, Friends, Faith, Focused, and Fearless as how we felt this brand should run on. ❤️

Many of you know Brian Riggs, Founder of 502FIT, and know how much he loves the brand and all of you! He recently moved states and has decided to move forward with other opportunities, and we are wishing him the best of luck to thrive and succeed! ❤️

That being said, we would like to announce our new owners, Paige and Adam (and Mia!). Paige has been with 502Fit since (almost) the beginning and has handled much of the backend, logistics, and a bit of the front end alongside Brian the past few years. Adam has done much of the photography and has helped with inventory, booths, and has jumped right in to assist with anything needed. And Mia has just been along for the ride. 🥰

502FIT was founded on Brian’s late mother’s birthday, and to follow that tradition, we have decided on today, June 28, 2023, Paige’s late father’s birthday, to announce this change of ownership. ❤️

Thank you for all of your support this far, and we thank you for your continued support moving forward! ❤️

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    A brand focused on inclusivity, emotional and physical health, and promoting family and friendship within our city, Louisville, KY.

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