LAC Customer Appreciation Day

LAC Customer Appreciation Day

On 12/2/19 LAC Jefferstown invited 502FIT back to a Customer Appreciation Day. This was our seventh appearance and second customer appreciation event we have attended for them.

LAC Jefferstown is a full service fitness facility that offers a variety of classes, weight training, personal training, massage, and rehabilitation. They even have an in house smoothie bar called, Muscle Monkey.

As a member, I absolutely love this facility because they are very warm and welcoming to everyone who walks through the door. We have found a community here and we are thankful to have partnered with such a wonderful gym.

If you value health and fitness and want to bring excitement, publicity and new people to your facility contact us to attend an event. We make sure to promote your event during, before and after on all platforms of social media. 

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